About Us

Transformers Stone Polishing is your go-to provider of surface polishing services in the Tampa, Florida region. Established in early 2019, Transformers Stone Polishing has quickly grown itself to one of the leaders in high quality stone polishing with a vision to provide affordable, effective polishing services to all customers.

Transformers Stone Polishing prides itself on its reputation as a budget friendly company that is always on-time as evident through their numerous customer reviews and testimonies. We think Kareena said it best when she said: “Transformers Stone Polishing were a delight to work with. They arrived on time, were extremely professional and completed the project as per request. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody that requires concrete polishing services.”

If you’re in need of a company that is professional, reliable and focuses on attention to detail than we recommend getting in touch with us here at Transformers Stone Polishing either via our contact forms or by giving us a call on 813-609-2264 or email: Sales@usetsp.com.


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